To accommodate an average outpatient load of 150-200 patients per day, our department is spread over an area of 3000 square feet consisting of three clinics.

  • An outpatient clinic / undergraduate clinic
  • Oral Medicine clinic
  • The Radiology clinic

a. The Out Patient Clinic
An average of 100-150 patients are screened in this clinic. This is the primary O.P. of the Dental College. From here the patient are screened and referred to the concerned departments for further treatment.


b. Oral Medicine Clinic
Oral mucosal lesions, cysts and tumours, carcinomas, maxillofacial injuries are referred to the Oral Medicine PG clinic for further detailed examination, investigation and management. We maintain a record of medico legal cases and every case reporting to the PG clinic so that each case can be promptly followed up.We also have valuable scientific collaborations with the Regional Cancer Centre and Sri Chitra Institute of Medical Sciences and Technology, which are premier institutions, equipped with libraries, high tech lab facilities.


c. Radiology Clinic
On the ground floor is the Radiology clinic with a reception. There are three Intra oral periapical X-ray machines, one Elipsopantomographic machine and a Digital radiography unit in the dept. The radiology clinic is so designed to hold good the norms of ICRP regulations.