Infrastructure and Facilities of the Department

Department of Orthodontics was set up in 1960 and has been in existence for 52 years. Post Graduate course in Orthodontics (MDS) was commenced in 1972, and is in the 30th year, having celebrated the Silver Jubilee in 1997. It is a recognized centre for Ph.D of the University of Kerala. Since its inception the department has been engaged in research, teaching and patient care.
The Department of Orthodontics is located in the new block of the college which was commissioned in the year 1995. A total area of 4000 square feet is allotted for the department which includes a postgraduate clinic, undergraduate clinic, separate postgraduate and graduate laboratory, work area, pre-clinical laboratory, seminar rooms, record library, patients waiting lobby, reception, separate rooms for teaching faculty etc. The postgraduate clinic is equipped with a state of the art computer room with access to all modern technologies for P.G programme.


Courses offered

1. Graduate training for an annual intake of 50 students
2. Postgraduate training for three students per year
3. Centre for PhD affiliated to University of Kerala
4. Certificate course for Dental Mechanic with an annual intake of ten students


Academic Programme

B.D.S : The academic programme for undergraduates in the subject of Orthodontics starts in the second year of the course with pre-clinical exercises to develop skill for fabrication of various removable orthodontic appliances and to understand the basics about the subject.


From third year onwards students are exposed to patients in the clinic and objective of the training include

1. Theoretical knowledge of all aspects of Orthodontics including recent advances
2. Diagnosis of various orthodontic problems
3. Formulation of treatment planning
4. Delivery and follow-up activation of various orthodontic appliances which includes removable appliances, myofunctional appliances, orthopedic appliances etc.


Each student have to fulfill the minimum prescribed quota of work which include

1. A minimum of five long cases to be discussed with teaching staff
2. A minimum of twenty short cases for fabrication and delivery of orthodontic appliances


M.D.S: The curriculum of MDS course is three years. Each year three students are being admitted. All basic science subjects are covered in the first year and at the end of the year


Patient Statistics

An average of 50 to 70 number of patients visits everyday in the department for seeking orthodontic treatment which include new cases and follow-up cases.

Patient Statistics 2004 - 24045

Patient Statistics 2005 - 32536

Patient Statistics 2006 - 26217

Patient Statistics 2007 – till April- 5573