Research activities


The teaching staff and PG students are actively involved in research. Research work is in progress in various fields pertaining to Periodontology and oral Implantology with emphasis on preventive measures at both individual and community level. We also have scientific and research collaboration with Sri Chitra Tirunal Institute of science and technology Poojapura which is premiere institution equipped with modern libraries and hi-tech lab facilities.


The various Research activities in the Department in the year 2011


1. “Efficacy of photodynamic therapy in the management of chronic localized periodontitis in terms of clinical attachment level, fluorescence spectrum and periodontopathogenic bacterial counts-a randomized controlled single blinded clinical trail” Dr.Betsy Joseph

2. “Comprehensive evaluation of molecular mechanisms of periodontal pathogenesis”

3. “Critical evaluation of salivary biomarkers for periodontal diagnosis-a comparative study” Dr.Nisha.K.J

4. “Efficacy of autologous platelet rich fibrin (prf) and sree chitra hydroxy apatite bioactive glass(habg) in the management of localized intra bony defects-a randomized controlled trial” Dr.Rekha.P.R

5. “Periodontitis as a risk factor for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease”
6. “Clinical efficacy of subgingivally delivered green tea catechin in the treatment of chronic localized periodontitis-a randomized controlled trial”

7. “Prevalence of human pappiloma virus in marginal periodontium & its association with periodontitis- a cross sectional study”
Dr.Anila Jacob

8. “Evaluation of porous hydroxyapatite block graft material in augmentation of localized deficient alveolar ridges- a quasi experimental design”
Dr. Mangesh Datir

9. “Clinical efficacy of subgingivally delivered lovastatin in the treatment of patients with chronic localized Moderate periodontitis”
Dr.Hejal Bhamtikar
10. “ Comparative evaluation of the effect of periodontal treatment on the metabolic control of type ii diabetes mellitus subjects with chronic periodontitis.”
Dr Roshni Ramesh

11. “Oral health status and treatment needs of geriatric population in Trivandrum district”
Dr Santhosh Kumar
12. Effect of Ga-Al-As laser irradiation on the proliferation rate of human periodontal ligament firbroblast –An in vitro study- Dr.Suchitra.A

13. Osteogenic potential of human periodontal ligament cells cocultured with human umbilical vein endothelial cells- an invitro study- Dr. Remya Mohan.

14..Diagnosis of gingival status using diffuse reflectance spectroscopy and clinical assessment -A comparitive study:- Dr Vipin V I
15.Efficacy of chlorhexidine,0.2% as a mouthwash in a chewing gum:-Dr Devashish
16.The effficacy of diode laser as an adjunct to scaling and rootplaning in the management of chronicn localised periodontitis:-Dr Arun kumar




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• Diversities!!! Localized gingival enlargements-A Case Series- Dr Anila Jacob
JSPIK, May2011

• Genetic technology in management of periodontal disease- The New Frontier Dr.Lakshmi Sreenagesh- KDJ March 2011 ,Vol.34[1]
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