Research & Dissertation


Completed research projects

     .Photo Activated Disinfection of Root Canals.

  •      .Incidence of MB2 Canals in Maxillary Molars in South Indian Population.
  •      .Antimicrobial Property of Garlic Extract.
  •      .Comparative Fracture Resistance of Teeth with Root Canals were Prepared Using Three Different Rotary Endodontic Systems
  •    .MTA and Portland Cement. A Comparision of their Chemical Composition and their sealability when used as a Repair material for Furcal Perforations – an invitro study.
  •    .Comparative Study to Evaluate the Efficacy of Egg White as a Storage medium for Avulsed Tooth and Comparison with HBSS, Coconut Water and ORS – an invitro study.
  •    .Comparative Study of Antifungal Efficacy of 5.25% sodium Hypochlorite 2% Chlorhexidine, 5% Doxycycline Hydrochloride with and without Clotrimazole in Extracted Teeth Innoculated with              Candida Albicans – an invitro study.
  •    .Inhibitory Effect of Yogurt Extract on Dental Enamel Demineralisation. an invitro study.

Ongoing  Research projects

  •    .Dissolution of fractured NITI &SS endodontic files in root canal by electrochemical process an in vitro study
  •    .Comparative evaluation of the dissolution potential of carbonic acid ,chlorhexidine,EDTA& saline on white MTA
  •    .Comparison of root canal transportation on centering ability of Twisted files &Protaper files with stainless steel files using micro CT
  •    .Comparative histologic evaluation of direct pulp capping with MTA & propolis
  •    .Evaluation  of anticariogenic effect of crude extract of piper betle by assessing its action on salivary pH
  •    .Comparative evaluation of morinda citrifolia juice,green tea polyphenols,triphala  and NaOCl as an endodontic irrigant against e faecalis.An in vitro study
  •    .Coparative evaluation of 70% isopropyl alcohol,distilled water ,normal saline to remove NaOCl before irrigating with chlorhexidine gluconate
  •    .Comparative evaluation of efficacy of protaper retreatment system and H files in GP removal during root canal  retreatment.An in vitro study

Articles published

  •    .Reinforcement of Weakened Root Canal Walls with Fibre Posts and Flowable Composite – Case series. April 2010, Kerala Dental Journal.
  •    .Recent Advances in Root Canal Disinfection. Oct 2010, Kerala Dental Journal.
  •    .Wide Open Apices? MTA is the Answer. Nov 2010. Indian Dentist Research and Review.
  •    .Recent Advances in root canal disinfection,Leeba Varghese,Jolly Mary Varghese,2010;KDJ
  • .   .Unusual foreign object in root canal-A case report, 2011;KDJ;34;180-182
    • .   .Reinforcement of root canal with thin dentinal wall using flowable composite and fibre post,Varna R,N.O.Varghese,Jolly Mary Varughese,KDJ Vol.33,pg 75
    •    .Repair of Lateral Root Perforation with MTA. A Case Report. (in press).
    •    .Porcelain Laminates. Say Cheese with Confidence. (in press)
    •    .Rehabilitation of Structurally Compromised Teeth Using Aesthetic Posts – Case Reports (in press)



    Dr. C.R. Sobhana

    RESEARCH – 2010

    1. Mandibular subcondylar fracture- Surgical treatment and conservative management
    2. Clinical evaluation of use of platelet rich plasma in bone healing’
    3. Microbiology and antimicrobial agents; sensitivity of orofacial odontogenic space injection a clinical study
    4. Plate guided transport distraction osteogenesis
    5. Outcome of arthrocentesis in patients with internal derangement of temporomandibular joint with disc reduction and without disk reduction
    6. Third molar impaction in different facial type and mandibular length


    1. Bone augmentation and sinus left followed by immediate placement of implants-using a lateral window. Surgical technique. RDJ vol. 34, No.1 Jan 2011

    Dr. Mohan S

    RESEARCH – 2010

    1. Reconstruction of mandible using hydroxyl apetite
    2. Soft tissue people changes following sagital split osteotomy

    Dr. Ajith kumar

    Dr. Deepti Simon
    1. X-ray diffraction studies of submandibular gland calculi


    Dr. Dain C. Pearl
    1. Oral markers in cardiovascular risk population- A cross section study comparing urban and rural population