Dental College, Thiruvananthapuram - An Overview


                 The Thiruvananthapuram Dental College was started during the year 1959. Till 1953 there were no dental colleges in South India.  In an attempt to provide avenues for formal dental education, dental college were started at four state capitals of southern states.  Dr. A.R. Menon was the Minister for Health when the Dental College was started.  Dental College was first started in a portion of the Medical College Hospital, Trivandrum.  Dr. M. Thangavelu was the Principal of the Medical College during that period and he was instrumental in the initial organization of the institution.  Dr. A. M. Clement, Dental Surgeon in  the Medical College was appointed as the first Director of Dental College.  The present building of the Dental College was commissioned during 1962.  In the same year the BDS degree was recognised by the Dental Council of India.  Nearly 2000 students have graduated from this great Institution so far.  Initially 30 students were admitted yearly till recently 40 students were admitted. The seats were increased to 50 per year from 2010 onwards. Para dental courses viz.Dental Hygienists Course and Dental Mechanic Certificate Course were started in 1962 and 1964 respectively. Postgraduate courses were started in 1966. The college has got eight full fledged departments and all of them offer postgraduate courses. The  six floor new block was inaugurated in January.1995, and the College is passing through a dynamic phase of growth, with addition of new equipment, making it the best and foremost College in the Government sector in India today.


Important Landmark Events


  • The college was established in the year 1959.
  • Dental Council of India recognition in 1962
  • Dental Hygienists Course started in the year 1962
  • Dental Mechanic Certificate course began in 1964.
  • MDS courses were started in 1966.
  • Independent status for the institution in 1996.
  • Centre for M.Ortho RCS Ed. and M.O.S RCS Ed., Dip NB examination in the year 2000.
  • Research scholarship for under graduate students during the period 2000-2001.
  • Recognized PhD research Centre of the University of Kerala from May.2007.