Research & Dissertation




  1. 1. Nucleolar organizer regions in OSF - Dr. Anita Balan
    2. Measurement of dose to eye and thyroid using TLD in panoramic and   cephalometric radiography- Dr Valsa Thomas.
    3. Chemotherapy of oral leukoplakias with topical Bleomycin. - Dr. Gigi Thomas
    4. The status of p53 TSG in oral precancers and cancers - A clinicopathological study – Dr. Suma Samuel.
    5. Treatment of OSF with placental extract, Vitamin C, whole liver extract –Clinico immunological study -Dr.Shanthi Kaimal
    6. Oral lichen planus – Role of psychological factors and effectiveness of psychotropic medication. - Dr Luna Lakshmi
    7. Effectiveness of triclosan and placentrix on recurrent aphthous stomatitis- Dr. Beena Kumari.T
    8. Oral lichen planus and hepatitis C virus in relation to transaminase elevation –Dr Suresh C S
    9. Nd-YAG Laser treatment of oral leukoplakias –Dr Vivek .V
    10 Efficacy of Triclosan in the management of radiation induced oral mucositis – A clinical study. – Dr. Moideen Sha Chamba.
    11. Genetic predisposition factors in familial oral cancers. –Dr. Pramod Varghese.
    12. Comparative study of efficacy of curcumin and turmeric oil as chemopreventive agents in OSF – A clinical & histopathological evaluation. – Dr. Deepa Das.
    13. Dapsone in the treatment of resistant oral erosive LP – A clinical study. _ Dr. Raj A C
    14. Circulating p53 antibodies in oral pre-cancers and cancers using anti p53 ELISA. – Dr. Sheeba Padiyath.
    15. The expression of Rb tumor suppressor protein in oral cancer & pre-cancers – a clinicopathological study. – Dr. Sunila Thomas.
    16. Gingival tumors – A clinicopathological study. Dr. Sreela L S.
    17. Tobacco & alcohol related oral mucosal lesions – A survey. – Dr. Deepa M S
    18. Human Papilloma virus infection in oral precancers- Dr. Rema J
    19. Efficacy of systemic and topical Green tea as chemopreventive agents in Oral leukoplakia- Dr.   Tinky Bose
    20. P53 tumor suppressor protein expression in Oral Submucous Fibrosis – A Clinico Pathologic study Dr. Nileena. R. Kumar
    21. Diagnostic significance of in vivo autofluorescence spectroscopy in leukoplakia. Dr. C. Venugopal
    22. Expression of CYP-1 and GST genes in Oral Submucous Fibrosis. – A Clinico Pathologic study. Dr. Sunu Ramachandran
    23. Fluorescence spectroscopy for the in vivo diagnosis of oral submucous fibrosis. Dr. Haris. P.S
    24. Role of Ultrasound & FNAC in the Diagnosis of Maxillofacial swellings. Dr. Twinkle S Prasad
    25. Normal autofluorescence spectroscopic study. Dr. Asish
    26. Oral Lichen Planus – A Clinicopathologic Survey”. Dr. Girija K.L
    27. Position of Mental foramen in relation to mandibular premolars and Molars on Panoramic radiographs. Dr. Akhil Anand Chaurasia.